Love and Art Child Care

Here are some resources we’ve put together and think you might find useful:

Things to Check when looking for a childcare center for your baby.

Check the DFPS website for licensed centers near your home and make sure the center you choose is licensed.

Check for the list of citations and what kind of citations were mentioned by the DFPS website of your childcare choice.

Look at their website. The Internet might not give you an accurate reflection of a child care center, but it can help you to gather information on centers that look appropriate, so it’s a great place to start. A professional, informative website will have all the contact details you need to find out where they are located, and what services they offer. Find time to visit the center to view the facilities and meet the staff.

Find out if they have educational programs and if the curriculum is ideal for your child. Ask about about their food and menu be sure to see that only healthy meals are served in the center. 

Security is another important factor when searching for a center for your child. Ask questions about the security of the children and what precautions are in place to protect them from intruders.

Finally, take time to decide and do not be pressured to sign up on the first visit. 

Log on to the DFPS website for information about Licensed childcare centers, be sure to read about their citations before choosing a place of care.